Inspire. Motivate. Mobilize. 

Our aim is to create opportunities for young people to be inspired, motivated, and 

mobilized to take action that changes their world. 

Learn more about Helping Empower Youth's programming both in school and out 

and how to join our monthly HEY! Let's Read! subscription box. You'll love what you get!

Welcome to HEY! 

We are very excited that you have found our online home.  Here you will find more information about our work in schools, communities, and churches.  Also, initiatives in reading and of course STE(A)M Programming for all! Take a look around and we look forward to hearing from you soon! 

About HEY!

Helping Empower Youth (HEY!) provides an opportunity to inspire, mobilize, and motivate young people to take action that changes their world. HEY! is one of the premier youth leadership development organizations in the Metro Atlanta area. We are energized by assisting young people in leading themselves from a complacent and apathetic outlook to one that is solution driven. HEY! challenges youth to stake claim, prepare, and take action ensuring a positive, successful, and impactful future.

HEY! is targeted to young minority elementary, middle and high school students looking to expand their personal, academic, and civic goals through leadership and character development. HEY!’s sincere interest is to enhance and empower the lives of young people while finding ways that positively impact and enrich their lives. We are looking to our young people to lead the way! HEY! is excited about the opportunity to present them with a safe and inviting atmosphere to excel to their potential. 

The HEY! Let's Read Box! 


Secure your monthly subscription box for your children 0-17 years old, with 3-4 books featuring characters and real people of color.  The curators of the HEY! Let's Read Box cultivated their love of reading because they saw themselves in the books they read while growing up.  When they began to ask their friends what kind of books they purchased or checked out from the library for their children, very few of them named books by authors of Color.  

We provide a solution to the challenge of finding books that represent our children!  

It is an honor to curate books for your children through careful selection of books that your children will love, especially because they will see themselves! You will find classics, award winning titles, board books for the babies, chapter books for the older children and you will find other educational and reading resources included.  Your box will feature educational activities to enjoy with your family. 

Stay tuned for our specialty themed boxes as well related to STEM, holidays, special occasions, and more!

We value our commitment to curating the boxes that honor your investment by sending you boxes with values higher than your monthly subscription. 

How The Monthly Subscription Box Works

When you sign up for The HEY! Let's Read! Box, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected books, reading and educational resources and products. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Helping Empower Youth, Inc. An IRS recognized 501c3 nonprofit. 

 We look forward to your subscription and helping you cultivate a love of reading in your child!  When they see themselves, their imagination expands and that can revolutionize how they see themselves in the world.  We know the importance of books that highlight and showcase children of color and how hard it is to source and locate these books on your own.  We also understand that not everybody is excited or would like to continue their monthly subscription.  You can always cancel your subscription with a click of a button. 

Step 1

Choose an age/reading level

Step 2

Choose a frequency

Step 3

Get your box!

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