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HEY! is currently seeking After School Leaders and a Program Assistant! Click below to learn more and to apply. 

A little about our mission...

HEY!'s mission is to inspire, motivate, and mobilize young people to take action that changes their world! While, HEY! uses STEM and STEAM curricula to strengthen leadership and character skills, we are aware of how important reading and literature is in building the self-confidence of our children. 

 “Science is more than a school subject, or the periodic table, or the properties of waves. It is an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage with the world, and then have the capacity to change that world..."  — President Barack Obama, March 23, 2015     

STEM Education transforms the typical teacher-centered classroom by encouraging a curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and require students to actively engage a situation in order to find its solution.  

HEY! STEM focuses on providing all students the benefit from the STEM program because it teaches independent innovation and allows students to explore greater depths of all of the subjects by utilizing the skills learned. These skills are going to be required in order for today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders. All jobs are requiring workers to have a greater ability to think critically, work as a member of a team and independently, and close the performance gap between our American students and those being produced in other countries.   

While our first passion and programming activities are around STEM curricula, the HEY! Let's Read! initiative began out of providing an alternative to large publishing houses who make it difficult for urban schools to host book fairs and festivals on a regular basis. Further research showed that there are less than 10 fairs or festivals across the country that focused and shined a light on books for children of color, written primarily by people of color. HEY! is proud to offer this option of having awe-inspiring, culturally relevant and competent and entertaining books delivered to your doorstep each month for you and your children to enjoy! 

If you are in the Atlanta area, you can learn all about the subscription box at our book festival Saturday, September 23rd from 11am - 4pm.  It's free and fun for the whole family!  

About the HEY! Let's Read! Box

HEY! Let's Read! is an initiative of Helping Empower Youth, Incorporated, an Atlanta-based nonprofit. Each specially curated box provides two to three age appropriate books.  We also include other resources, activities, and opportunities for your child to unlock their love of reading! Our boxes are gender neutral and you will find something for everyone!  Our Curator-in-chief is a 36 year education veteran who spent over 3/4 of her career in the classroom teaching 1st and 2nd graders how to read fluently and masterfully. She also holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. As a certified master teacher, she is excited about fostering a love of reading in a new generation of children.  The team carefully assesses reading level and subject matter.  We also consider independent authors as well.  

Each Thursday we go live on Facebook as we read a selection from the curated books for the current and upcoming month.  

We welcome the opportunity for you to provide suggestions of the books you would like to see! We can't wait until your child opens their box excited about reading! 

Meet Our Team

Joyce Venning, M.Ed.

KaCey Venning

Marc Boyd

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