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When you sign up for a HEY! Let's Read subscription, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected books, activities, and products. 

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 It is an honor to curate books for your children through a careful selection of books that your children will love, especially because they will see themselves! You will find classics, award winning titles, board books for the babies, chapter books for the older children and you will find other educational and reading resources included.  Your box will feature educational activities to enjoy with your family.  

Stay tuned for our specialty themed boxes as well related to STEM, holidays, special occasions, and more!   

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Have you ever noticed that suggested reading lists from the school library rarely have more than 2 authors of color? Have you ever asked to be shown books by black authors in the book store and were shocked by the limited selection? Well, we have felt all of those things.  We just decided to do something about it!